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The Honor Roll Breakfast will be held on Wednesday, March 8--the first two periods ---Students will be called at the beginning of each period.

Visit Our Honor Roll Webpage Here!

The Lynn Classical High School Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, April 29, 2017 at the Nahant Country Club.  The event will begin with a 6 to 7 PM social hour followed by dinner and the induction. This years’ event will include Achievement as well as Athletic accomplishments.

It is with pride that we present the 2017
Inductees into the Classical Hall of Fame:

Lisa Morris Dana
Joseph Fannon
Courtney Ferrari
Christopher Gasper
Francis Knight
Paula McGinn
Daniel McNulty
Robert McNulty
Michael Morgan
William Nicholson
John O'Brien
Anthony Seaforth
Dr. Monica Smiddy
Brian Smith
James Smith
Stephen C. Upton

Tickets are $40.00 each and may be purchased at Lynn Classical High School (781-477-7404).  Tickets will not be sold at the door.


Lynn Classical High School is now accepting nominations
for the Athletic and Achievement Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame Induction which will take place on April 29, 2017

Deadlines for Nominations will be January 1, 2017

Applications can be picked up in the Classical Main Office
or downloaded below.


Congratulations to our Girls Varsity Volleyball Team who defeated St. Mary’s High School this past Saturday (at St. Mary’s) to capture the City of Lynn Volleyball Championship…the girls also qualified for the Division 1 MIAA State Tournament… Head Coach Frank Deluca and his volleyballers have won the last 4 out 5 City Championship Tournaments!!! Go Rams!!!

Congratulations to the Lynn Classical High School Girls Freshmen Volleyball Team, led by LCHS Computer Specialist Luke Richards, who just finished their 2016 season with an undefeated record of 15-0!!!  Great accomplishment in a very competitive league (NEC)…super proud of this team and the future of volleyball in Ramville looks very bright!!! 


Alumni Mentoring Program | 2016-2017
The Lynn Classical High School Alumni Mentoring Program provides LCHS alumni with the opportunity to mentor current LCHS students. Our alumni offer students advice, insight and information on their chosen profession. An alumni mentor can influence the career development of a student and help them achieve their dreams while fostering a supportive mentoring relationship.

Download our information and application packet.

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LCHS "Hall of Fame" Nomination Form!

1 Download Your Nomination Form Here! MS Word or PDF
Welcome to Lynn Classical High School

Principal Welcome

This school year will be my eighth year as Principal at Lynn Classical High School. I started my teaching career as a Special Education Teacher in 1976. I have been at Lynn Classical since 1981. I also served as a Guidance Counselor, Vice Principal and Girls Basketball coach. 

Our administrative team, teachers and support staff are very committed to meeting the needs of all students. We hope that your son or daughter has a most positive academic and social experience while at this school. To achieve this goal we need the support from parents and guardians to reinforce the importance of each and every grade during high school. Students will have classwork, homework, tests, quizzes, and other assignments. To be successful students must be committed. College acceptances are very competitive and the first quarter grade freshman year is just as important as any grade. Our grade point average is calculated each quarter.

Attendance is very important. We ask that you join the goal to decrease the amount of unexcused absences. We also want to improve on our tardy and dismissal rate. Please do not schedule any appointments which allows students to miss class time unless it is absolutely necessary. Each absence from a class can negatively impact learning. Last year over 90 percent of the students looked at their grades and assignments several times a week on the Jupiter online gradebook. We need to improve on the 30 percent rate of parental involvement with this academic tool.

Social emotional well-being is very important for academic success. Our Vice Principals, Guidance Counselors, Social Worker, Adjustment Counselor, and School nurses are available to assist students and parents.  In addition Lynn Community Health Center has a school based office available for students. Please let us know if we can be of any help.

Gene Constantino

Our Mission Statement
The Lynn Classical High School mission is to meet the needs of all of our students and ensure they become knowledgeable, conscientious, productive, and self-reliant learners who are college and career ready.  The school community shares in the responsibility of providing our graduates with the 21st century skills necessary to be successful on a local and global scale.  We celebrate our diversity, cultivate creativity and respect, and take pride in knowing our school is safe and supportive for all.

LCHS is a student-centered learning community that VALUES:
Life-long learning
Cultural diversity
High expectations for all
Safe-learning environment

LCHS is committed to the following beliefs about LEARNING:
Rigor, relevance, and relationships are key to academic achievement
All are accountable
Making connections makes a difference
Success can be achieved by all

LCHS Learning Expectations:

  1. Communicate effectively while making and defending arguments, accessing and relaying information, and addressing peers and adults.
  2. Apply analytical, critical, and creative thinking skills to identify and solve relevant problems using appropriate technology and other resources.
  3. Demonstrate REMARKABLE content knowledge through authentic tasks, performances, and assessments.
  4. Work appropriately and productively both independently and with others in order to accomplish team and individual academic, personal, social or civic goals.
  5. Interact positively, accept responsibility, and display consideration for the diversity of the school and community.
Classical High School Information | 2016-2017

List Grades Offered
Address | Map Link
School Day
9 | 10 | 11 | 12
(781) 477-7404
235 O'Callaghan Way, Lynn, MA 01905
Monday - Friday | 7:45 AM to 2:30 PM
  From Route 95/128 | From Rt. 95/128 North take exit 43, Walnut St., bear right at the end of the ramp. Go straight through the lights. A pond will be on your left. Continue on Walnut St. for approximately one-and-a-half miles. At the first set of lights, bear left following Rt. 129 east over Rt. 1. Continue through set of lights along Walnut St. A reservoir will be on your left. Approximately one half mile beyond the reservoir, there will be a set of lights. That is the intersection of Walnut St. and O'Callaghan Way. Make a right and continue to the end of O'Callaghan Way. Classical High School is on the right at the intersection of O'Callaghan and Holyoke Street.
  From Route 1 | Get off at the Walnut Street (East) exit towards Lynn. Continue through set of lights along Walnut St. A reservoir will be on your left. Approximately one half mile beyond the reservoir, there will be a set of lights. That is the intersection of Walnut St. and O'Callaghan Way. Make a right and continue to the end of O'Callaghan Way. Classical High School is on the right at the intersection of O'Callaghan and Holyoke Street.
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School Staff List | 2016-2017 | Last Website Update: February 27, 2017 3:07 PM

List Principal | WEBPAGE
  Eugene Constantino
List Vice Principal Grades 11 (M-Z) and Grade 12 | WEBPAGE
  Amy Dunn
List Vice Principal Grades 10 and 11 (A-L) | WEBPAGE
  Dennis Thompson
List Vice Principal Grade 9 | WEBPAGE
  Christopher Warren
List Main Office | WEBPAGE
  Christine Pisanelli
Principal’s Admin. Assistant
(781) 477-7404
  Coula Kesanlis
(781) 477-7404
  Angela Liakopoulos
Attendance Secretary
(781) 477-7404
List Program Specialist For Data and Assessment | WEBPAGE
  Josh Mower
List Guidance Department | WEBPAGE
  Sally Glowik
Donna Doucette
Shanna Duprey
Fran Khuon  
Christopher Hayward
Jessica Toomey
Laura Durant
Kristine Johnson
Guidance Phone
Guidance Fax
All Grade 9 Students
Students Last Name A - De
Students Last Name Df - Loo
Students Last Name Lop - Mem ELS Students
Students Last Name Men - R
Students Last Name S - Z
(781) 477-7409
(781) 477-7212
List School Nurses Office | WEBPAGE
  June Blake B.S.N.

(781) 477-7196
  Jennifer Wortman

(781) 477-7196
List Adjustment Counselor | WEBPAGE
  George Shea

List Social Worker | WEBPAGE
  Catherine Perry

List Outside Programs
  Kelley Flynn
Tasia Cerezo
List Parent Liaison
  Annie Alemar  
List Monitor
  Tom Donahue  

List School Teacher List | 2016-2017
Subject | Teacher | Webpage    
Applied Technology | WEBPAGE    
  Kathleen Aiello Sherry McNulty
  Afton Dean Luke Richards
  Lynn Petkewich Erica Tolley
Art | WEBPAGE    
  Marion Gunning Erin Sutton
Athletics Department | WEBPAGE    
  William Devin, Jr. | Athletic Director Timothy Phelps | Assistant AD
English | WEBPAGE    
  Philip McQueen | Department Head
  Barbara Binette Kelly Hourihan
  Aili Cervenka Maria Koutroubis
  Chelsea Cowie Erica Richard
  Rosanne Driscoll Matthew Sanphy
  Marc Feldmann Kerry Shairs
  Patty Frey Jack Vandagriff
  Amanda Curtis | Department Head
  Jaclyn Fisher | Acting Dept. Head Math
  Sallie Donovan | English Greg MacPhee | English
  Taylor DeFronzo | Biology/Math Maia Mukherjee | Math
  Travis Harris | English Andrea Metayer | Science
  Kathy Lovett | English Russ Waldron | Social Studies
Foreign Language | WEBPAGE  
  Fátima de Granda-Lyle | Department Head
  Jessica Celano | Spanish Maria Latusky | Spanish
  Amber Daniels | Latin Jacklyn Petullo | French
  Anna Gvirtsman | French/Spanish Betsaida Ramos-Pachucki | SP
  Deinorah Kraus | Spanish Lourdes Sagardia | Spanish
  Emily Lann | Latin Kimberly Willor | Spanish
Library | WEBPAGE    
  Erica Tolley    
Math | WEBPAGE    
  Dr. Mark Johnston | Department Head
  Paul Arnold Kevin Kennedy

Rachid Farhat

Jennifer Mack
  Samria Ghili Edward Palmeira

Helga Gunther

Timothy Phelps
  Chelsea Christian Hafetz

Rita Wakefield

  Marcia Karalis Howard Yanoff
Music | WEBPAGE    
  Emily Northridge Melissa Munafo
Physical Education | WEBPAGE    
  William Devin, Jr. | Athletic Director Colleen McNulty-Peterson
  Mark Flaherty Joan Wiendczak
Science | WEBPAGE    
  Ellen Moriarty | Department Head
  Joseph Baglieri Christine Lander
  Mark Chesley Catherine Rosenthal
  Samantha Dexter Alyssa Smiley
  Michael Fannon Davide Winchester
  Tom Farese Jonathan Yip
  Jeff Grove  
Social Studies | WEBPAGE  
  Zach Johnson | Department Head
  Dena Capano David Poland
  Michael Curley Peter Spiliakos
  Frank DeLuca Thomas Stanley
  Jessica Dormady Kristen Tabacco
  Gwen Hansen Denise Vinciarelli
  Robert Johnson Gregory Washington
  Christopher Leblanc  
Special Education | WEBPAGE    
  Christine Lyman | Department Head
  Jessica Ayer   Teacher Aides
  Annie Bakas  

Jerome Anderson

  Valerie Byron   Edison Bencosme
  Estelle Dill   Richard Bucko
  Cathy Ellis   Sue Cooper
  Erin Marc   Marie Dalton
  Sarah McDonough   Irma DeLeon
  Joshua Noble / J. Morgan   Sandra D'Urso
  Debra Perez   Mark Gately
  Karen Picone   Inocencia Marte
  Jonathan Rosenthal   Barbara Minchello
  Paul Ryan   Lisa Nelson
  Laurie Spencer   Alfredo Nunez
  Kim Toomey   Ana Rodriguez
  Howard Yanoff   Judy Sadler
  Dorothy Frost Joseph Pascucci
  Karen Perez Kaleigh Young
Theatre Arts | WEBPAGE    
  Mark Ailshie    

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