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Welcome to the Lynn Community Enrichment Program

LCEP is in Summer Break, but…
YOU can still register for classes!

LCEP is in Summer break until the Fall. However, you still can find out which classes are available and register for it. Simply fill out the registration form from the menu on the left. We will receive your registration and LCEP will reach out to you beginning of the fall to confirm your registration and further information. Please remember classes are limited and are in a ‘first come, first served basis.
From Yoga, to candle making, to computer applications, to Conversational Spanish, you can improve your job skills or simply relax in an arts class. Classes are held at Lynn Tech ANNEX building, Summer Street entrance. Address for GPS is 312 Summer St, Lynn. Please refer to the tab ‘Class Locations’ for more information about the parking lot and pictures.

LCEP welcomes Dr. Alvarez the new Superintendent effective July 1st. Due to the transition of the Lynn Public Schools, the Fall session might start a little late than usual. We’re back from the summer break in September, but classes won’t start until October. For this reason, we encourage you to register for classes now and we’ll confirm your registration when Fall session begins. Thanks in advance for your cooperation and understanding. 
How Can I Enroll? You can register now to reserve your spot. Please register online by selecting ‘Registration’ from the menu on the left. Please keep in mind that classes are ‘first come, first served’ basis. You can pay for your class at a Sign-up Night.


When Classes Begin?
Classes resume late fall 2023!

For Updates: Follow us on Facebook to keep you posted with news and the most recent information.

Sign-Up Nights: These will be announced in our Facebook page and on this webpage. Also, flyers will be posted around downtown Lynn.

For more information:
Phone: (781) 346-973

What's New?

Coming Soon!


ParaProfessional Testing Site

The Lynn Public School District is proud to be an internet-based ParaProfessional testing site. People interested to get a certificate from the State as a ParaProfessional or Teacher's Aide can take the assessment test in a computer lab at Lynn Vocational Technical Institute, commonly known as Lynn Tech. Residents of the North Shore and nearby towns are welcome to take the assessment test.

For more information about what is a Teacher’s Aide or ParaProfessional, please visit our website


About Us

Lynn Community Enrichment Program was founded in 2015 as a way to utilize the amazing resources available to Greater Lynn residents contained in Lynn Vocational Technical Institute.

The three buildings in the heart of Lynn, Massachusetts contain hidden treasures that teach Lynn children five days a week and can do so much more for adults after the kids go home. We have industrial shops, a gym, a swimming pool, complete kitchen facilities, exercise areas, classrooms, audio-visual facilities, computer labs and so much more that taxpayers have provided to area residents.

We have fantastic teachers from the Lynn Public Schools and from various industries around the area ready to share their knowledge and expertise with adults.

The program was founded in cooperation between the New Lynn Coalition, a coalition of community groups eager to open up community schooling for all residents, and the Lynn Public Schools. We have received outside funding from a developer helping us keep our costs low, but all the tuition charged for classes goes to recruit teachers and supply materials for courses in some cases.

This is a non-profit venture designed to be affordable and fun and to offer a variety of skills and enrichment activities to our adult base.

Lynn Public Schools - 100 Bennet St, Lynn, MA 01905 - (781) 593-1680

Overview, Registration and Refund Information

LCEP offers classes with the community in mind, to help residents of the North Shore are to improve their skills, advance in their career pathways and/or for leisure. Classes are only 6 weeks, once a week, which gives flexibility to busy families. 2 hours a week for self-improvement, enrichment or for fun, it’s manageable. Also, the class is from 6 to 8 pm, so you can take a class right after work and finish not too late.

We always welcome your suggestions and ideas for type of classes that you would like to see in this program. Please take a minute to fill out our survey to share your ideas and suggestions with us. Whenever you take a class in our program, we deliver the following services:

KNOWLEDGEABLE INSTRUCTORS: Most of our instructors come from the Lynn Public Schools, other instructors are community leaders working in the industry they represent.

ENGAGE: We are a community based program working together with a non-profit organization for the sole purpose to enhance the lives of residents of the North Shore.

COMMITMENT: Most of our classes are low cost, $65 for 6 weeks class, not including class materials noted in the description of the class.

INNOVATION: Gain new skills, learn new things or meet new friends in the process. Local and easy access.

View the tabs on the left to see the classes being offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, as well as the classes offered for the Spanish speaker community.

Registration Information
There are several to register for our courses.
- Attend a Sign-Up Night: Sign-Up Nights are scheduled and announce on this website and in our Facebook page. Sign-Up Nights are held in the Annex Building of Lynn Tech, Summer St Entrance. 310 Summer St, Lynn for GPS location. When you come, please plan to register and pay at the same time, as classes are first come, first served. We accept cash and checks.
- Pay On Your First Day Of Class: (If space is still available). During the first week of the session, staff will be on hand to help new students to register and pay for the class. register new students. Please arrive 20 minutes before your class begins. We accept cash, checks, debit and credit cards. The cost per class is $65 for the whole session. 6 weeks for $65 is a deal!
- Use Our Online Registration Form: From the menu on your left, select "Online Registration" tab to sign up for a class.
If you have any questions regarding registration, availability of classes or directions, please feel free to contact us:
Email: or Phone: (781) 346-9738
You may also visit our Lynn Community Enrichment Program Facebook page for information and updates.
Refund Policy
- If you cancel prior to the first class you will receive at 100% refund of tuition.
- If you cancel prior to the second class you will receive at 75% refund of tuition.
- If you cancel prior to the third class you will receive at 50% refund of tuition.
There are no refunds made after the third class.
Refund payments require a 60 to 90 business day processing period, if paying by cash or check. A $10 processing fee will be deducted from all refunds. If your check is returned for insufficient funds a $20 fee will be added.
Cancellation Information

LCEP follows Lynn Public School’s calendar. If classes will be cancelled due to inclement weather, students will receive an email with a notification. Also, a notice will be placed on this website and Facebook page.

If you would like to check about a class cancellation by phone, you can call or text (781) 832-0222. An automatic response will reply to your inquiry.

Classes are subject to be cancelled due to low enrollment. Even though our program tries to keep classes available, we reserve the right to cancel a class due to few students. We will notify students as soon as we see the class has not enough students, but we might wait until the day of the class to see if new students will enroll before the class.

Make Up Classes
Any postponed classes will be made up during the 7th week of LCEP session.

Location/ Ubicación

Beginning March 2022, the classes for LCEP will be held at LVTI Annex Building. With the exception of the Yoga class, which is located at the Washington Elementary School.

Apartir de Marzo 2022, las clases de LCEP serán dadas en el edificio Anexo de Lynn Tech. Le excepción es la clase de Yoga que se dá en el Escuela Primaria de Washington.


LVTI Annex, Summer St. Entrance
Edif. Anexo, Entrada sobre la calle Summer Street

310 Summer Street Lynn, MA 01902

Parking Lot Entrance/ Entrada al Parqueo


Main Site: Lynn Vocational Technical Institute (LVTI)

Main Building, Door D3

80 Neptune Boulevard
Lynn, Massachusetts 01902

Class Locations Map

Parking/ Parqueo

Both sites have plenty of parking. Please notice the parking spot from the picture above.

Ambas ubicaciones para las clases tienen suficiente parqueo. Revise en las fotos lo lugares para parquearse.

Tuesday Night Classes: Fall 2023 Classes To Be Updated

Wednesday Night Classes: Fall 2023 Classes To Be Updated

Thursday Night Classes: Fall 2023 Classes To Be Updated


Cursos Pre-Verano: Fall 2023 Classes To Be Updated

Welcome to the Lynn Community Enrichment Program

LCEP está de Vacaciones, pero…
UD puede registrarse para clases!

Clases en Español

LCEP va a estar de vacaciones de verano hasta el Otoño. Sin embargo, ud puede registrarse para una clase. Simplemente llene el formulario de registración que está a mano izquierda. Cuando ya esté seleccionando su clase, hágalo en la sección de “Español.” Nosotros recibiremos su registración y cuando regresemos de las vacaciones confirmaremos su clase y más información. Recuerde que las clases son limitadas, asi que lo motivamos a que se registre.

Las clases son 6 semanas, una vez a la semana de 6 a 8 pm y a un precio económico por lo que va a aprender, $65. Clases de Computación, Inglés básico conversacional, hasta clases de arte y cultura como decoración de pasteles, cocina/ arte culinario, arreglos florales, etc. Las clases son de Martes a Jueves; en la escuela de Secundaria Lynn Tech, edificio Anexo, 312 Summer St, Lynn.
How Can I Enroll? You can register now to reserve your spot. Please register online by selecting ‘Registration’ from the menu on the left. Please keep in mind that classes are ‘first come, first served’ basis. You can pay for your class at a Sign-up Night.

Cómo Puedo Inscribirme?
Ud debe de registrarse en linea primero y venir a pagar en las Noches de Registración que se anunciarán más adelante en nuestro FB y sitio de web. Cupo es limitado y está basado por fecha de registración, por lo que lo motivamos a que se inscriba primero. El costo por el curso es de $65 por las 6 semanas.

Cuándo comienzan las clases?
Las fechas exactas serán determinadas más adelante cuando comienze el Otoño.
Para anuncios y la información más actualizada, puede seguirnos por

Le agradeceremos comparta esta información con sus amigos y familiares para que conozcan de estos cursos. Gracias!

Para más información:
Enviar un email:
Llamar al: (781) 346-9738

Clase del Lunes: Fall 2023 Classes To Be Updated

Clases del Martes: Fall 2023 Classes To Be Updated

Clases del Miércoles: Fall 2023 Classes To Be Updated

Clases del Jueves: Fall 2023 Classes To Be Updated

Conversación Básica en Inglés ‘A’
Conversación Básica en Inglés ‘B’


Haitian Creoloe Classes: Summer Session 2023

Klas Kreyòl Ayisyen
Haitian Creole Classes

Byenveni nan to Lynn Community Enrichment Program - LCEP

Lynn se divès ak miltikiltirèl!! Epi LCEP vle kreye opòtinite pou manm kominote ayisyen an. Pran yon klas pou amelyore konpetans travay ou epi touche yon pi bon salè.
Ann kòmanse aprann plis sou òdinatè! Padan 6 semèn. $65 US pou débutan nan Madi ak $65 pou entèmedyè nan èkredi.

Ann kòmanse aprann plis sou òdinatè! Klas se pou 6 semèn. $65 US pou 6 semèn yo.

Pou peye pou klas ou a, vizite nou Mèkredi 3/29/23, 5:30 PM, oswa premye jou nan klas nan Lynn Tech Annex, 308 Summer St, Lynn.

Lynn is diverse and multicultural! LCEP wants to create opportunities to the members of the Haitian community. Take a class to improve your job skills and earn a better salary. Let's begin to learn more about computers! Class is for 6 weeks, $65 US for the 6 weeks.

To pay for your class, please visit us on Wednesday 3/29/23 or the first day of class, 5:30 pm at Lynn Tech Annex, 308 Summer St, Lynn.

Klas sesyon sa a:  (Classes this session)

Aplikasyon Odinatè,
Aplikasyon debaz ak pratik

Instructor: Darchelle Jean Baptiste
  Mèkredi 6 PM until 8 PM Annex Building: Room 2002

Klas sa a se pou moun ki pa gen okenn eksperyans sou òdinatè, oswa jis konnen yon ti kras. Ansanm , yo pral aprann sou baz òdinatè yo, klavye a, souri a, entènèt la, pwogram ak plis ankò. Epitou, yo pral aprann kijan pou itilize imel la, tache fichye, enprime ak kijan pou ranpli aplikasyon sou entènèt lè y ap sèvi avèk yon òdinatè, laptop oswa telefòn. 


Pou w enskri pou klas la, tanpri ale nan tab la ‘Registration’ nan meni gòch la epi chwazi klas la nan lis klas yo. Klas sa a se nan pati anba a nan lis la.

To register for the class, please go to the ‘Registration’ tab from the left menu and select the class from the list of classes. This class is at the bottom of the list of classes.

Welcome to the Lynn Community Enrichment Program


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